Brenda Liddiard

Where Shall We Call Home?


When visual artists Fiona Barrett, Belinda King, Gaël Rowntree, Mary Ann Manchego and Brenda Liddiard discovered that they all shared deep concerns over the international refugee crises, they decided to form a group, under the name Art for Change, and to create artworks that reflected these concerns.

They approached Amnesty International with the idea of mounting an exhibition to raise both public awareness, and funds to assist refugee resettlement. Amnesty were fully supportive of the project, with their North Shore group organising activities for young people alongside the exhibition.

Art for Change then put out a call, asking other artists to create and donate works to be included in the exhibition, which resulted in a great variety of works being offered.

Where Shall We Call Home? took place in June/July 2017 at Depot Artspace in Devonport, and raised nearly $20,000 to assist the New Zealand Red Cross Refugee Resettlement Programme in Auckland, and the Auckland Refugee Family Trust, who help to finance refugee family reunification.

My own paintings included in the exhibition consisted of several small portraits of boat refugee survivors (The Survivors Series), and 3 larger works referencing the different nautical chart regions associated with most refugee boat disasters (The Region Series).