Brenda Liddiard

A Brief History in Pictures


The Franklin River anti-dam protests, 1982, South-West Tasmania

(sitting on cabin roof, Lisa Yeates, me, Benny Zable)

Mt Nardi rainforest protection protests, Northern NSW, Australia, 1982

Terania Creek rainforest protection protests, Northern NSW 1979

Still playing that same guitar today!

At Mt Nardi with Mig Smith

The Spangled Drongoes (with Alec Mitchell on fiddle), Sydney 1985

Greenpeace anti-whaling protest, Sydney 1985

Anti nuclear warships protest, Sydney 1985 (with Ian Cohen, surfer extraordinaire)

Photo: Nigel Atkins
Photo: Paul Restall
Photo: Nigel Atkins
Photo: Paul Restall

With Mark & Harry in Outhwaite Park, 1989

Hamilton Folk Festival, Gordonton, 1992

Auckland Folk Festival, 1994

Waiting for Donald (Mark, Bren, Chris Price, Robbie Duncan) Tahora, 2004

Outside One2One in Auckland 2009

Bunker Hill Folk Review 2010

Kapiti Live Music Club, 2011

Photo: Gerard Hudson
Photo: Mark Laurent

Auckland Folk Festival 2013, Tui Finalists concert (NZ Music Awards Best Folk Album 2013)

Photo: Gerard Hudson

Mojo Acoustic, Wellington, November 2013

Photo: Peter Dyer