Brenda Liddiard

Arrivals & Departures

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In 1974, I left behind my life in England to embark on what I thought was to be a brief adventure to the other side of the world.  As a result of this spontaneous trip, my life has become full of arrivals and departures - the yo-yo of journeys across the globe experienced by so many antipodeans.  These journeys have been full of mixed feelings and emotions: excitement, apprehension, doubt, guilt, relief, joy.

This collection of work emerged from sifting through journals, photos, and my own song lyrics, trying to make sense of my erratic life journey.  One of the interesting things I discovered was that I often found a small scrap of a map or a simple family portrait could somehow encapsulate a vast store of memory or emotion, similar to how a certain scent can instantly transport you to another time and place.  These fragments can become unexpectedly powerful symbols in our lives.

Beyond my own inner conflicts, to do with family relationships, lie the bigger questions asked by many immigrants: ‘Where is home now?’, ‘Where do I really belong?’, ‘Can I ever feel truly connected to this distant patch of earth?’, ‘Will the pull of the umbilical cord that ties me to my birthplace ever be severed?’.

Through this memory-scape, and the connecting of lines, I’m attempting to lay some ghosts to rest, and perhaps map a surer path for the future.