Brenda Liddiard

Exhibition Feedback


Arrivals & Departures: Forty Years of Flight - comments left during the exhibition

“You have no idea how poignant your words are to me RIGHT now! After returning from Christmas home with all my family the wrench back to ‘this life’ is the hardest ever - and I thought I would return 2 years ago after 11 years here. You have touched a raw nerve, but I thank you for the resonance.”

Auckland S.

“Your words strike a chord in my heart - quite a summary of my feelings! From across the far side of the world at present. 4,5,6,7 are beautiful.”

W. Wales, UK

“A fascinating theme, very provoking.  Lovely colours!”

“9 and 2 are Perfect.  All of your work is beautiful.”

          2: Echoes of the Ancestors                                                  9: The Games we used to Play I

“I love 9 and 1.  Your work is inspiring and beautiful. Thank you.”

         1: Separated by the Seas

“Brenda keep up the innovative work.  I really like your third painting in your Separated by the Seas (triptych). There is a nice balance between freedom and control.”

Rebecca Moore

“Beautifl textures.  I love how the pieces are pretty and elegant, yet eerie and complicated. I have often felt lost even as a traveller and your words really spoke out to me.”

Sarah (Vancouver, Canada)

“Love the colours ... and I love that there is a suggestion of a story behind the works.  Well done.

Richard, Raglan

“Lovely, intriguing, you can feel your passion.”

Tiffany, Tauranga